Soundscapes, sonifications and compositions by staff & students at UWE and CCRI

tides and eels

Tides and Eels by Balint Seres, James Lacey, Gareth Luke and Tom Pryce, 2010
Instrumental, 3:12 mins
If you were an eel, what would it feel like swimming in the river Severn? A quirky sound composition that imagines life under water.

Severn eels are an interesting phenomena, as they begin their life as eel larvae, drifting from their birthplace in the Sargasso Sea for three years across the Atlantic Ocean to the Severn Estuary. Should they escape the nets of the elvermen, the elvers continue to swim upstream and, over a period between eight and fifteen years, grow into eels. During this period they are known as guelps and when mature their name changes to vawsen.

Eels will feed by night on various animal foods and during the day will bury themselves in the mud at the bottom of the river. Maturity occurs in the autumn when the eels begin their long journeys back down the river and out to breed in the Sargasso Sea, never to return to our shores.