Soundscapes, sonifications and compositions by staff & students at UWE and CCRI

A Typical British Day
by Jason Britcher, Ethan Higgins, Claire O'Halloran and Rowena McIntosh.

Sound composition

Example 1: Sun, Wind, Rain Example 3: Wind, Snow, Sun, Snow
by Niall Newport, Drew Nicoll and Stephen Parks.

This group used short instrumental sections of well-known musical themes ('Singing in the rain', 'Walking on sunshine' etc) and arranged them in such a way that they blend with each other. So when the weather changes, the sounds transition effortlessly. Notice the choice of instrumentation, which emphasizes the change.

Calm day (low pressure, mild temperature, calm and dry) Heavy rain (cold day, low clouds, moderate breeze)
Warm day (some rainfall, gentle breeze)
by David Clement, Andrew Jones, Max Weisskopf and George Whithey.

Data sonifications of three different weather conditions. The sounds are generated in Max/msp.

Wind: 9kts SSW (gentle breeze), Barometer: 1013hpa, Rainfall: 0, Temp: 22°C
by Shahed Ahmed, Rosanna Prada, Yasmin Smith, Sam Westcott.

A data sonification that musically interprets one particular weather scenario, and includes typical environmental sounds.

Sweltering day (high temperature, clouds at mid height, calm, no rain) Chilly and wet day (low clouds, raining, moderate breeze, low temperature)
by Harry Cunningham and Joe Edwards.

Excerpts from two sound compositions portraying different weather conditions.

Sunny (high temperature, light air)
by Steffan Chelland, James Curtis, Kit Karnel and Adrian Memed.

Sound composition

Summerday Winterday
by Ewan Edwards, Dan Kealey and Matt Powel.

This group made use of tempo and instrumentation changes to express changes in the weather.

Fresh breeze, rain gusts
by Jacob Corr, Pablo de los Arcos, Tom Hatch and Richard Watson.

This group used filters to express the windy conditions and staccato piano sounds for the rain.

Summer holiday (hot and dry, light air)
by Cameron Noonan and Jack Painter.

A soundscape composed using samples and an upbeat musical theme in a major scale.

by Sam Daniels, Jared Fountain, Kelwyn Kwan and William Malins.

A composition in a minor scale featuring wintery bell sounds and shuddering synth drones.

A day in spring; warm, sunny, clear sky.
by Steve Brown and David Charles.

This data sonification mainly controls environmental sound samples, but also some computer-generated sounds.

Weather Sounds Compositions and data sonifications generated from the weather; produced in 2011.

The data came from a nearby weather station in Alveston:

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Some of the incoming data, like rainfall, windspeed, temperature or atmospheric pressure was translated into sound.

The aim was for a listener to hear, and possibly identify, the weather conditions and weather changes taking place without having to view the data.