Soundscapes, sonifications and compositions by staff & students at UWE and CCRI


The Breath of the Moon by Michaela Palmer and Owain Jones, 2010
Sonification of Tidal Data at Avonmouth, 3:09 mins
The Breath of the Moon is a sonification of the tidal patterns at the Avonmouth Docks. The artefact follows these patterns for 12 hrs and 18 mins. During this time the tide goes out, reaches low tide, comes back in, reaches high tide and then recedes again. This tidal movement has been translated into sound and then, to make it more easily perceptible, contracted in time.

The composition itself is not a fixed arrangement of pre-recorded sounds, but a software program that arranges its sound samples live. Moreover, some sounds are also generated live. Combining these two processes means that - unlike the recording on this page - the real artefact sounds a little different each time it is played.